Springbok Rugby Poster


Here, each test series of the Springboks can be viewed in more detail. The idea is for members and visitors to become part of the experience and recall the memories that the Springbok has evoked in us from the amateur era since many of us were little.


I want to encourage people to go into the posts below and at the end of each post there is a place where comments can be made. Chat together so that we can become a "living" community where anecdotes from the past, conversations with old Springboks or just even your own experience of tests here can be told to others.


Hover with the "cursor" over the "Blog" category in the "menu" page above to select the different periods that consist of several test sequences.

You may notice that there is one series short, namely 1933 against the Wallabies. I'm collecting enough material and photos for me to add.


I would also like to ask that if people have nice photos for me of any series, even if the series has already been completed, then I would appreciate it if it could be sent to my email address to be included so we can improve the quality even further . Photos could not be downloaded. My email is: info@joostephotopro.com